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Aug 30, 2013 - Baltimore Streetcar Museum

For someone who truly enjoys touring museums and never seems to get enough of them, then a trip to the Baltimore Streetcar Museum at 1901 Falls Road, Baltimore, in a charter bus is indeed inevitable. And if you are this person that we are talking about, we would not be surprised if you would almost immediately make arrangements to go visit this museum with your friends or family members. After all, when it comes to planning trips (whether it is to a museum or anywhere that is fun) with friends or family members, it is always worth it, isn’t it?

Baltimore Streetcar Museum is located at 1901 Falls Road, Baltimore and is run by volunteers and they depend very much on donations from the visitors in order to maintain the museum. Most of the times, when Baltimore charter bus visitors come to visit this museum and when they hear that it is run by volunteers, many are quite apprehensive about the service that they would get from the volunteers. However, we are glad to say that with the volunteers at the Baltimore Streetcar Museum, you get nothing but top of the notch kind of service and enthusiasm! The volunteers are well trained, patient and absolutely passionate about what they are doing that you and your entourage will leave the place feeling very satisfied with what you have seen and learned from them.

The Baltimore Streetcar Museum will bring back a lot of memories for those who were old enough to have ridden on one of the streetcars back when it was a popular thing. The streetcars at the museum were all restored by the volunteers who have spent countless hours working on them and restoring them to their former glory. They also have a wide collection of period photographs, many of which Baltimore charter bus visitors would always enjoy because you don’t get to see much of such photographs anymore. On top of that, they also have a half mile track that allows visitors to get a nice ride and a great experience of what it feels like to be riding on one of the streetcars. The museum also have special exhibition during different months of the year, so be sure to check out their website for the latest happenings if you want to participate or enjoy their special events. Oh, and one more thing, the Baltimore Streetcar Museum is also a place for you to arrange for your own special events such as birthday parties, meetings and so on. You can always find out more when you go there to visit in the charter bus.

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