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Nov 22, 2013 - Healthier Ice-Cream from Pitango Gelato

Are you having around Fell’s Point waterfront on a hot summer day in Baltimore? Is your charter bus Baltimore group of travelers longing for some ice-cold beverage or ice-blended drink to get you going? Then head over to one of Baltimore’s Fell’s Point’s Pitango Gelato.

For those who are unsure what a gelato is, gelato quite literally translates to ‘frozen’ in Italian. For Italians, the mere mention of gelato automatically means ice-cream, yogurt or sorbet. The real difference between an Italian gelato and your regular store-bought ice-cream is that normal ice-cream would contain twice the amount of fat and sugar of a gelato.

One would have thought that this age-old method of creating ice-cream have come to an end because the traditional-ice-cream making process have given way to modern and easier way of producing these delicacies. A couple of things makes Pitango stand out amongst its competition and that would be best-sourced ingredients, authentic recipes and unparalleled quality.

Some of our Baltimore bus charter travel junkie writers have skirted around Pitango because they have misunderstood the concept of the store. Top quality grass-fed milk is sourced from some of the best in the market today and combined with the use of fresh fruits from local markets, premium chocolates and nuts, free range eggs and raw cane is top quality all the way.

Pitango stands by their motto of using absolutely no artificial ingredients in the ice-cream sold at the shop. Everything is hand-made. Usage of fat and sugar is also under tight quality control. So, it is well worth the effort making your way here during your bus rental Baltimore vacation...just to check the store out.

Most people would assume that using such simple, down-to-earth and locally-sourced ingredients would affect the ice-cream’s taste negatively but contrary to popular perception, it is far better than your conventional confectionary. Artificial ingredients and flavoring may do wonders to an ice-cream recipe but original, fresh ingredients will create another layer of excitement to the whole experience.

Loyal Pitango followers are often found gathering in the roomy indoor cafe. However, with the limited tables in the store, most people would hang around indoor, standing while enjoying their selection of ice-cream and looking out at the waterfront before calling it a day as you conclude your bus charter Baltimore getaway.

We suggest finding your way to Pitango after you have had your dinner instead of before so, look around for a good choice restaurant, have your meal and THEN make your way to Pilanto Gelato.

Pitango Gelato can be found at 802, S Broadway, Baltimore MD 21231 in a Fell’s Point waterfront neighborhood. For more information about them, head over to their website at

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