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Come wander through the minds and spirit of these self-taught artists at American Visionary Art Museum with their raw talent and spirit

The American Visionary Art Museum

Jan 24, 2014

Have you heard of visionary art? Defined as “art produced by self-taught individuals who have not undergone formal training, and the work is based on the inner voice of one’s soul”. Sounds quite complicated? Well, instead of reading about it, charter bus visitors should head over to the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, where many beautiful “raw artworks” are displayed.

The Uniqueness of the Museum

Visionary art is quite unusual, and the way this museum handles its exhibitions are different from what you usually find in other regular art museums. Instead of focusing on a specific type of style or artist, the exhibitions sponsored by the American Visionary Art Museum are based on titles. Some of the exhibition titles that have been hosted at this museum are like “Wind in My Hair”, “The Art of War and Peace”, “What Makes Us Smile”, and the most recent one, “The Art of Storytelling: Lies, Enchantment, Humor & Truth”.

Founded by Rebecca Alban Hoffberger, this museum offers more than just art on display. Other programs mini bus visitors can take part in are like summer arts camp and after school programs. Looking for a wedding venue? This museum is also a popular venue for weddings and have annual venue bookings for more than 70 weddings a year.

Current Exhibitions at the Museum

Since last year October 5th, the American Visionary Art Museum has been exhibiting a subject that proves to be its most complex subject to date. Titled “Human, Soul & Machine: The Coming Singularity”, this theme touches on the rapid and increasing impact of artificial intelligence, robotics, and future technology.

Some of the artists showing their raw art at the museum based on this title are:

  • Kenny Irwin Jr, displaying “Robotmas
  • Alex Grey, with “Sacred Mirrors
  • O.L. Samuels, with his 7-foot tall “Godzilla
  • Rigo 23, showing his delicate anti-drone drawings
  • Fred Carter, displaying his massive wood carvings

Two Famous Permanent Collection

There are currently only two art pieces that are part of American Visionary Art Museum’s permanent collection. One of it is a popular Baltimore sculptural landmark that rental bus visitors can see from a distance. The Giant WhirliGig, created by 76-year old Vollis Simpson, is a brightly colored wind-powered sculpture that stands 55-feet tall.

The other piece in this collection is a lone figure carved from a single apple tree trunk. Named “Recovery” by an anonymous British mental patient, this is a carving that is self-portrait of himself.

To get to the American Visionary Art Museum and its surrounding areas, call 1-888-468-0815 or 443-406-6982 for a charter bus reservation or even just for a quote.

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