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Baltimore's National Aquarium brings tourist visiting with charter bus an amazing array of animals in a tropical rainforest exhibit, wild and extreme Animal Planet and Amazon rainfirest exhibit

Tropical Rainforest at National Aquarium Baltimore

Mar 20, 2014

The National Aquarium of Baltimore offers many various exhibits, but the one thing this non-profit public aquarium is famous for is its Tropical Rainforest exhibit. This exhibit simulates the Amazon rainforest with even two elevated platforms for charter bus visitors to enjoy bird watching.

There is also a cave at this exhibit where mini bus rental visitors can view many glass exclosures featuring reptiles, amphibians and terrestrial arthropods in many shapes and sizes.

The Animals at the Exhibit

  • Golden lion tamarin: This tree-dwelling monkey is distinct with its thick, golden mane on its small rounded head.
  • Scarlet ibis: These birds are prominent with its scarlet body, usually found foraging in the shallow waters.
  • Sunbittern: Eyes of bright red, this small and slim bird is usually by its own.
  • Yellow-headed Amazon parrot: Bright green parrot with a yellow head and a red patch.
  • White-tailed trogon: This bird is medium in size with short necks, prominent eyes, and large square-tipped tails.
  • Blue poison dart frog: A cobalt blue frog with colorful markings is tiny in size, but packs a punch with its poisonous body secretions.
  • Linnaeus's two-toed sloth: Designed for arboreal life, this sloth move through the tree branches and even mate and give birth while hanging upside down.

The Wild Extremes Animal Planet Australia Exhibit

Just like the Tropical Rainforest Exhibit, this exhibit is very much like an open-flight aviary where flying animals are allowed to roam freely in the exhibit. Coach bus visitors can view more than 1,800 individual native animals including freshwater crocodiles, turtles, free-flying birds, snakes, lizards, and flying foxes.

Depicting a typical northern Australia river gorge, this exhibit allows an immersive experience as you walk through the bottom of the gorge to visit the animals. Many of the animals on exhibit in this area are only found in Australia.

  • Featured animals include:
  • Gray-headed flying fox
  • Laughing kookaburra
  • Rainbow lorikeet
  • Snake-necked turtle
  • Pig-nosed turtle
  • Black-headed python
  • Death adder
  • Frilled lizard
  • Spiny-tailed monitor
  • Freshwater crocodile

Amazon River Forest Exhibit

Another rainforest exhibit in the aquarium, this pays tribute to the beginning stage of its seasonal flooding into the surrounding forest in Amazon. Two small displays here portray identical slices of the same river forest. The only difference is that one in the rainy season, and the other in the dry season.

To experience the Amazon rainforest without having to head all the way there, book a rental bus to Baltimore to visit its National Aquarium. Call 1-888-468-0815 or 443-406-6982 to reserve a bus of your choice or to just enquire on a quote.

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